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Consultant Medical Oncologist

Dr Talal Mansy

During this stressful and worrying time, it is vital that you bring as much information as possible about your medical history.  This will allow me to make a full assessment of your case and develop a personalised care plan that covers the most appropriate treatment for you and minimise any delay in you receiving treatment.


Your GP, Surgeon or Oncologist will often write a referral letter with the required information within this but it can be useful if you bring your own copies of reports or ask the referrer to include these in their referral.


Examples of reports include:


  • Operation notes

  • Histopathology reports from biopsies and/or operations including any mutation testing carried out

  • Imaging reports such as from Chest XR, Ultrasound, CT scan, PET-CT scan, MRI

  • Any previous Oncology case files including previous chemotherapy prescriptions with doses and/or radiotherapy treatment details

Your Insurance Policy Name and Number

Your Pre-authorisation/Claim Number (issued by your insurer)


You must check with your Insurer you are covered to receive treatment by me.

Things To Bring