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Consultant Medical Oncologist

Dr Talal Mansy

Access drugs not available on NHS which may improve outcome

Some cancer drugs are not available on the NHS on the basis of cost or have yet to be analysed by NICE, but may have improved outcomes.  Private medical care allows you to access such drugs in the hope of achieving this best possible outcome.  Current examples include:


  • Nivolumab and Ipilimumab for first or second line mesothelioma
  • Bevacizumab with chemotherapy for mesothelioma
  • Bevacizumab in relapsed fallopian tube, ovarian or primary peritoneal cancer
  • Chemotherapy with immunotherapy (Pembrolizumab) for first line advanced cervical cancer
  • Cemiplimab (immunotherapy) for second line advanced cervical cancer

Some cancer drugs are new, not licenced and considered as experimental drugs.  There is usually early trial evidence suggesting a potential benefit from these drugs.  Current examples of conditions using this approach include:


  • Mesothelioma
  • Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Endometrial/Uterine Cancer
  • Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer


Genetic Testing of Tumour and Blood

Genetic testing of patients' cancer sample and blood can in rare cases direct better treatments, indicate which standard treatments are likely to work and help advise if a clinical trial might be of particular benefit.  Datar Cancer Genetics is the company I use - please take a look at their website:




Chemotherapy in the privacy of your own home

Private medical care gives you the opportunity to have your chemotherapy delivered in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.


Saves you time

Chemotherapy often takes place in hospital which can take up so much more time – time to get yourself to the hospital, time to find parking, time to be checked into the chemotherapy suite, time for the chemotherapy drugs to be made up and given to you, time to get yourself home again.  Your time is precious and a lot of this time could be saved having the chemotherapy brought to you at home at your convenience.


Dealing with cancer in private

Some patients are very private about their health problems and the thought of having chemotherapy in a room surrounded by other cancer patients, hearing about all their problems, cancer related or otherwise brings feelings of anxiety and sadness.  Having chemotherapy at home allows you to deal with your cancer privately without anyone needing to know you are even receiving chemotherapy and ultimately ensures you are treated no differently by your family or friends.

Why Go Private?